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Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers are nothing but facial implants that are injectable. Dermal Fillers Treatment adds volume to the face and remove aging effects such as static facial lines and wrinkles. To be more precise, dermal filler injections are extensively used in conditions such as Removal of deep facial lines and wrinkles, Adding volume to cheek, chin and under eye, Non-surgical nose job and facial uplift, Reinstating apple cheeks, Enhancement of lips. dermal fillers fills and increases the shallow contours of the targeted facial parts, softens the wrinkles and lines and makes the face to look young and beautiful. Most of the dermal fillers are made out of a natural occurring substance that hyaluronic acid. Based on the skin tone and facial appearance, strategic injection points are marked on the face. All the injection sites are sterilized with antibacterial cleansing solution and numbing agent will be topically applied to alleviate the pain of injection. The key for success of dermal fillers lies in right dosage of right Fillers Treatment at right location.