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Hair Fall Treatment

Hair fall in various forms has become a common complaint in today’s day and age. Diffuse hair fall is a common cause of stress and panic in most individuals who suffer from hair fall treatments. Hair loss can be significant in both male and female. The pattern baldness occurs due to androgenic alopecia. It’s a common form of genetic disorder, affecting hairs in both men and women. However, the impact on both men and women are different; and thus Advance Clinic believes hair loss treatments should be customized solutions. Alopecia Areata – Marginal Alopecia occurring due to genes or hereditary complexities Alopecia Totalis – Complete destruction of hair scalp Alopecia Universalis – Complete destruction of hair scalp and body hair Ophiasis – Hair loss resembling wave like pattern and encircle the complete head Traction Alopecia – Damage of papilla & hair follicle due to pulling, tension, & breakage Trichotillomania – Compulsive pulling of own hair, causing visible hair loss Hypotrichosisa – Hair loss condition where hair is never grown right from birth Anagen Effluvium – Thinning & shedding of hairs at alarming rate; due to chemotherapy or radiation Telogen Effluvium – Follicles prematurely goes to dormant phase of growth due to stress or illness