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Q Switched Nd yag Laser For Mole Removal

Moles are defined as nevucellular skin occurrence surfacing on the various layers of the skin due to excess accumulation of melanin. Large moles carry the risk of skin cancer and can be ugly but not all small moles are ugly. In case of females, certain moles on the chin, cheeks actually enhance the beauty of the individual. Sunlight may have an adverse effect and can darken the moles. Q Switched Ndyag Laser For Mole Removal is the latest technological innovation being used by Dr Shreeshail's Aesthetics clinic. the removal of moles becomes imperative. If there is any change in their shape, size, or colour, you need to consult a dermatologist at the earliest since these changes can be a warning sign of skin cancer.it is best to obtain a consultation from an expert dermatologist for this purpose who will assess your moles to refer a treatment.